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The Best Care for Your Black Hair

We know just how frustrating it can be to find the right care products for your African-American hair and skin. We experienced the frustration ourselvesand thats why we created Treasured Locks. Since 2002, weve been the premier destination for the best black hair care online.

You want to look and feel your best, and we know how to make that happen. Treasured Locks is your one-stop destination for the African-American hair care products and information you need.

End the frustration of driving long distances to specialty shops, or asking for help from people who dont understand your unique needs. Make Treasured Locks your go-to source for black hair and skin care.

Dont settle for less than the best

At Treasured Locks, we offer a huge selection of black hair care products and black skin care products. Each of our products is hand-selected for the discriminating shopper whos looking for high quality, natural products. Stock up on products that are formulated just for youinstead of whatever your local drug store happens to have in stock.

Quality products at affordable prices

Tired of paying salon prices for designer labels? We believe you shouldnt have to pay extra, just for a printed brand name on a bottle. Our in-house brands deliver unsurpassed quality at reasonable prices.

Treasured Locks

Premium service you can count on

As experts in black hair and skin care, we have the information you need to care for your beautiful hair and skin. Visit our Beauty 101 section, where youll find numerous educational articles offering tips and advice on your unique hair and skin care needs.

Cant find the answer youre looking for? Feel free to give us a call at 1.888.675.7161, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Thanks for visiting Treasured Locks, your one-stop source for black hair care and skin care.

We're happy to feature the following premium quality products:

A Simple Case - Top quality satin pillow case that protects both hair and skin, retaining moisture, decreasing wrinkles in skin and decreasing hair breakage.Ajuvn for Men - Our own premium line of natural men's care products designed for the needs of the African American metrosexual.
Baka Beauty Products - Producer of the Natural-Laxer and Natural-Laxer Plus Natural Herbal Hair RelaxerBlack Earth Products - S.T.E.P.S. bay laurel anti-bacterial system for Natural Hair Care
Black Opal Cosmetics - Facial care products designed specifically for the special needs of black skin careBlack Opal for Men - Shaving products that help prevent razor bumps.
Body Drench - Bump Fighter Razors - Razor blades and handles designed specifically to fight razor bumps. These razors are especially god for African American shaving as Black men often suffer from pseudofolliculitis barbae that is made worse with common razor blades.
DS Laboratories - Treasured Locks has teamed with DS Laboratories to bring you hair loss treatments that work. All of DS Laboratories products feature a remarkably innovative liposome technology that was the result of years of research and the involvement of some of the most brilliant minds in biochemistry. This technology dramatically enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the products.Formula 103 - Formula 103 is a unique razorless shaving cream especially formulated for the needs of African American men and women. Formula 103 softens and removes hair while protecting skin preventing the problems associated with using razors or electric shavers on black hair.
G-Wrap Hair Wrap - The G-Wrap is a newly patented* hair wrap design. The G-Wrap is made of the highest quality of luxurious stretch nylon fabric and is perfect for wrapping your hair while sleeping. The G-Wrap's design keeps it secured to your head. Whether you wear your hair natural, relaxed or curled. The G-Wrap's unique original design is beautiful as well as functional.Hair Rules - Hair Rules is a complete line of products designed for women with wavy, curly and kinky hair. The products are designed to allow you to create your own hair care and styling routine based on your particular hair type and how you want to wear your hair.
HumiNature - Our own natural line of skin care productsJanelle Beauty - Pure Goodness products from an African-American owned independent company. Janelle Beauty is the maker of Diva Smooth.
Nubian Heritage - Shea Butter lotion, soaps, body washes and fragrances- including African Black Soap with Shea ButterPure Guild

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Seche - SheaMoisture - Full line of Shea Butter products for hair & body
Simply Smooth - Treasured Locks - Our own line of finest quality natural hair and skin care products